February 2017 Omaha Fashion Week; 4-H Student Collection

In February, I was selected to be a part of the 4-H Student Collection, showcased at Omaha Fashion Week. They selected the top twelve 4-H students across the state of Nebraska to model their garments. I modeled my two piece ivory ballgown that was exhibited in the Robert Hillestad Gallery at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I was able to meet new friends that also sewed in 4-H and see them model their own work. It was such a great opportunity to talk with these girls on how hard it is to sew garments of great quality in such a short period of time. One of my favorite moments of Omaha Fashion Week was enjoying and experiencing the backstage moments. I have watched the runway shows before, but I have never experienced what it was like to actually walk on the runway in front of two hundred or more people. It was terrifying the first time I walked out on the runway, but as soon as I got off the stage I wanted to go right back up and walk again. After the show, I met so many people that came up to me that complimented my dress. Gratified and humbled is how I would describe my night with Omaha Fashion Week. I certainly hope to be back on the runway in the near future.


Photo: Heather and Jameson Photography

Photo: Heather and Jameson Photography

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