Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2017

It is with great privilege to announce that Em's Trends will be premiering its first fashion line debut at the Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2017 Showcase. Many designers across the nation applied early April to be apart of the show, but only 57 made it into the first round of interviews. Creating two new categories, emerging and featured designers, 33 made the final cut to be apart of the fall show. I am excited to be apart of those 33 designers. Em's Trends is in the emerging designer category and is competing against 16 other designers. My collection is called Evening in the Garden. I will be showcasing evening wear designs that feature floral and natural elements. Each garment is unique, being completely different than the other. I want to show that each garment is unique reflecting that each young girl is unique in their own beautiful way. Em's Trends motto is making young girls feel beautiful and confident in themselves and I wanted to show that through my first collection. My collection will be showing on August 22 at 7 p.m. at the Omaha Fashion Design Center. Tickets are on sale now at I will be sharing a discount code at the beginning of July to save money on tickets for a limited time. Make sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook page @emstrends to see my sneak peeks of my collection. Get ready Omaha! You're not ready for the impact of Em's Trends.


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